Battle Ropes Benefits: See how they can tone up your body

    Using a battle rope in your training has been proven to be the most effective endurance training, and beneficial for your body to build high endurance that would last longer than any other cardio fitness equipment.

    Using a battle rope is a really efficient exercise for your body to keep up the intensity and build muscular strength and endurance. Using battle ropes in a consistent frequency will help increasing lactate which is an essential source of energy for the muscles of the entire body.

    Who’s battle ropes are for?

     Battle ropes are so common amid power-lifters, weightlifters and any other athletes, fighters and army forces. Basically, any high-intensity training would usually require training with battle ropes.

    Effects of battle ropes on mental health

     If you are tired of your regular exercise program that's filled with a treadmill and elliptical, using these ropes will help you not only firing up your workouts but also will make it energetic and enjoyable. This type of exercise will stabilize your mood, boost your mental and emotional health.

    Gain momentum

    Just to give you a heads-up when you start using ropes for the first time, it will be so exhausting to keep up with it for 20 seconds, but as you gain momentum, it gets a lot easier after that. All you need while training is to be laser-focused, determined and committed. It won't take you so long to achieve better results as you go along. Some people reach up to 1 or 2 minutes per exercise.


    So, What muscle group does battle ropes workout? The battle ropes will work mostly all the muscle groups in your upper body, shoulders, triceps, biceps and all your core muscles which include Internal and external obliques and from ribs to the pelvis and the six-pack and the erector spine muscles.

    To gain advantage as much as possible from your practices using battle ropes, the efficiency of your training depends on multiple factors and so here are some tips to make the most of your training sessions.


    First, try to have postural stability and be centered and grounded by rightly positioning and anchoring your legs and hips, so by finding the right position while waving the ropes, it gets a lot easier and more efficient.


    breathing while exercising is very important in terms of your exercise’s efficiency, by default people usually forget and unintentionally hold their breath, by learning how to keep consistent conscious breathing will help widen the blood vessels and increases the oxygenated blood flow to the heart so that it will work more effectively. Try to adjust your breathing pace with your exercise intensity, meaning when you just start to begin with moderate breath and speed up while increasing the intensity of your exercise. This helps maintain stamina and building up energy throughout the entire process.


    Don’t grip hard on the rope and don’t clench your teeth during exercise as this may increase tension in your body and that would eventually lead to exhaustion, making you feel tired after a short amount of time. Hold the rope lightly and try to relax your arms and move them faster to increase the intensity of your workout. That would give you the ability to prolong the exercise duration and maintain energy to be able to sustain strength during your entire workout.

    Workout Tips

    If you are not sure how to start your Battle Rope Drills, here are some tip to get you started, usually when one starts training for the first time using any certain fitness equipment, it becomes hard at first, so I highly recommend you using YouTube videos as a good reference whenever you feel bored or lost, you can always lean on YouTube as there are plenty of coaches who have YouTube channels and share resources with the public. Check out this video, or this

    There are multiple techniques you can use the ropes with, for example double-handed and single-handed whipping, double whip and single whip; and single whip means that you use both your hands but each on a different whip. If you are a beginner and this is the first time you touch battle ropes, and you purchase a heavy rope, you can easily start whit the double-handed single rope approach; so with both your hands on one side of the rope start whipping until you get the momentum of the rippling effect.

    As you get started, set an easily achievable goal for example 10 - 20 seconds, and as you get ahead increase this goal and challenge yourself further. The secret is in endurance, as you practice along, the key benefit of training with ropes is boosting endurance and as such, it would be easy to prolong the session every time.

    Ways to workout with battle ropes

    Double Whips, both hands going up and down at the same time making a rippling effect with both hands together.

    Single Whips, alternating waves, both hands are engaged each would make separate whips. One up the other down and vice versa.

    Shoulder Circles: hold the rope with both hands and make clockwise circles for 30 seconds and counter-clockwise for more 30 seconds.

    Power Slam: which is similar to double whip but instead of that fixed position, you have to move your body up and down and then slam the ropes to the ground.

    Circle Wave

    Checkout over 16 more exercises on how to train with battle ropes. Here are more 45 exercises to go with.

    The FAQ (frequently asked questions)

    What types of battle ropes?

     There are over various types of battle ropes they pretty much come in different designs, length, weight, and materials to suits multiple uses and there are ropes that are expensive and so rugged and well-made. Some ropes are cheaper and affordable made for light use for beginners and other ropes are heavy-duty. If you know your goal you can always buy the best rope that suits your need without paying additional charges for features that you not necessarily need.

    How thick a battle rope should be?

    Some brands create 2 thickness levels to give you freedom of choice, it can get up to 2-inches thick which is pretty much enough for intense drill, very thick doesn’t necessarily mean rugged, 1.5 inch is rugged as well. 2-inches are more than enough for very tough workouts. If you are beginner sometimes 2-inches ropes are a bit heavy, so I would recommend 1.5-inch ropes.

    How durable battle rope is?

    Durability is measured by multiple factors, whether its diameter and weight or manufacturing materials and length of the rope, they all affect the strength of the rope. It comes in mainly five materials, Poly Dacron, Nylon, Manila, polyethylene and lastly synthetic. They are all almost tough for hard use, but some work better on different surfaces than others. Take poly dacron, for example, they work best on rough surfaces, nylon works best on wood, synthetic is the weakest and cheapest of all.

     What is the best length for battle rope?

     It comes in multiple lengths in the range of 30ft - 50ft long, of course, the longest is the heaviest and sure will affect the resistance level of your training, so each length usually serves different needs. It all depends on your end goal if you just want to build up and work on your muscles a 2-inches wide and 40-50ft rope would be a better choice, however, if you are just looking to get your cardio workout and burn some fat, then 1.5-inch and 30ft rope is your best option.

     What is the best weight for battle rope?

     Battle rope wright controls directly the resistance level of your training, if you are aiming at “High-intensity interval training” then you surely need a rope that’s no less than 35 lbs, however, if you are just willing to go for low-resistance training then any rope under 30 lbs would be a perfect choice and affordable nonetheless. 

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